Prof. Risto Kosonen
Aalto University, FINLAND

Risto Kosonen (D.Sc.), head of 25 persons HVAC research team. He is working on indoor climate, smart building services engineering, and energy efficiency of buildings and communities. Over 25 years experience in industry of development and innovations. President of Scanvac Nordic HVAC association, vice-president of Federation of Finnish HVAC associations and Chair of Indoor Climate Association in Finland. Committee membership of e.g. REHVA organizations. Author of over 320 international publications. Awards: Rydberg Gold Medal, REHVA Fellow and the best paper award of Building and Environment 2016.

Keynote lecture on: “Novel ventilation solutions: how to guarantee indoor climate in an energy efficient manner?

Keynote lecture for PhD student day: “HVAC- technology for healthy buildings and sustainable society

Dr. Rasa Ziliene
Klaipeda University, LITHUANIA

Rasa Ziliene (D.Sc.), associate professor in economics, marketing specialist and projects manager. She is working in industrial symbiosis, maritime economy and industrial clustering thematic fields, has solid experience in leading various international and national projects. She also leads in over loyalty, packaging and communication scientific thematic fields of marketing, has solid experience in consulting in Intellectual property and commercialization, industrial digitalization as well as social entrepreneurship development fields. She is active EU-CONEXUS community member, working with youth in circular economy, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability topics. She is member of International association of Maritime economists, member of Lithuanian Association of Economists, External expert in Horizon Europe proposals evaluation.

Keynote lecture on: “Low temperature district heating concept in the smart energy system: challenges and benefits

Dr. Michael Bardanis
EDAFOS Engineering Consultants S.A., GREECE

Dr Michael Bardanis is the Director of Laboratory of EDAFOS Engineering Consultants S.A., a geotechnical consultancy based in Athens, Greece. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, an MSc in Soil Mechanics from Imperial College, London, and a PhD degree in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics from the National Technical University of Athens. Michael has worked as a geotechnical engineer since 1998 on several demanding projects in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, including large landslide remediation projects, highways, dams and airports. Since 2009 he directs a large commercial soil and rock mechanics laboratory designed and organized by himself. Michael has authored and co-authored 70 papers in journals and conferences, mainly on unsaturated soil mechanics, landslides and the mechanical behaviour of soils. Between 2018 and 2021 he was a visiting lecturer at Neapolis University Paphos, Cyprus, teaching engineering Geology, Soil Mechanics, and Foundation Engineering. He has been elected several times on the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (HSSMGE), serving as its Secretary General between 2015 and 2019, and as its President since 2019. He is the Chairman of the 8th International Conference on Unsaturated Soils to be held on Milos island, Greece, in 2023.

Keynote lecture on: “Investigation, identification and exploitation of underdrainage pore pressure profiles for the stabilisation of large-size paleolandslides covering old river-beds

Dr. Daiva Labanauskaite
Klaipeda University, LITHUANIA

Dr. Daiva Labanauskaite is a professor at the Department of Economics at the Klaipeda University. Her research interests are related to service economy, and especially the economic evaluation of the development of international tourism. During the recent years, D. Labanauskaite has actively worked with international sustainable tourism development projects, collaborated in the preparation of tourism development strategies. While participating in sustainable urban development project activities, she analyzed and evaluated the economic sustainability of urban sustainable development. D. Labanauskaite gives lectures as a visiting professor to students of universities in Germany, Latvia, Finland and other EU countries.

Keynote lecture on: “Tourism transformation into responsible form towards the sustainable development”

Prof. Florin Miculescu
University Politehnica of Bucharest, ROMANIA

Florin Miculescu is Full Professor at the Materials Science and Engineering Faculty from University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania. He has participated in five postdoctoral stages in Europe and USA and applied his expertise in various research projects related to materials science, engineering and technology (being manager of 8 national and over 50 projects for private companies in the last 15 years). His research activities are also presented in over 130 papers indexed in Web of Science Clarivate Analytics (WOS cumulative impact factor as main author is >150), h-index is 24 (Wos) 26 (Scopus), 28 (GoogleScholar), 13 books and book chapters, 1 edited book, 2 patents. He is an Editorial Board Member of 3 WOS indexed journals, Guest Editor of 3 WOS indexed journals and reviewer of over 20 WOS quoted journals in Materials Science topics. He is the President of the Materials Engineering and Science Committee from the National Council for the Attestation of Titles, Diplomas and Academic Certificates – CNATDCU. He received more than 30 awards for his contribution in science.

Keynote lecture on: New fabrication methods for bone regeneration products based on ceramic and composite biomaterials.

Frank Basinski


Frank Basinski is the founder of BLUE HORIZON TRAINING, a leadership consulting, training and coaching organization based in Bucharest, Romania.
Following his own executive leadership background in global tech companies, Frank now teaches and coaches business leaders from around the world on emotional intelligence, mental fitness, on developing leadership personality and character, as well as leading with corporate impact. Frank helps executive leadership teams to reconnect with purpose, focus and each other, in order to drive performance and execution to the next level.

Keynote lecture on: “Why your EQ probably matters more than your IQ, unless you live alone on a remote island

Dr Giorgos Belokas

University of West Attica, GREECE

Dr Giorgos Belokas is an Assistant Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at the University of West Attica (Athens). He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from NTU Athens, an MSc in Soil Mechanics from Imperial College and a PhD from NTU Athens. He has 10 years of lecturing experience in geotechnical engineering courses and 20 years of professional experience in the analysis and design of geotechnical works. His research interest and published work include clay modelling, numerical and probabilistic analyses, slope stability – landslides and coupled phenomena. He is a board member of the Hellenic department of ISSMGE and an active member of the Greek national committees for Eurocode 7.

Keynote lecture on: “Challenge based learning in geotechnical engineering – the contribution of case studies

Prof. Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu

University Politehnica of Bucharest, ROMANIA

Mihnea Alexandru MOISESCU, is a Professor, PhD coordinator at University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers and currently serves as the Dean of the Faculty. 
He holds a Bachelor Degree in Automatics and Computer Science, a Bachelor Degree in Biophysics, a Master Degree of Science in Biophysics and a PhD in System Engineering. He is specialized in the areas of Discrete Event Dynamical Systems, Advanced Robotics, Enterprise Systems Architectures, Advanced Communication Systems and Information Systems. He is author of more than 80 research papers in International Engineering Conferences and Congresses and 14 research papers in international journals indexed in Web of Science. His research experience includes participation and management of more than 18 national founded projects and 4 international projects.

Keynote lecture on: “From Smart environments to smart everything


Ph.D. Eng. Gabriel Mihai Sirbu

Renault Technologie Romanie, ROMANIA

Gabriel Mihai Sirbu received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University Politehnica of Bucharest. He held a postdoctoral position in CEIT-IK4 Center San Sebastian, Spain. He joined Renault Technologie Romanie in 2008 as a Team Leader for developing electrical and thermal simulation for electrical systems. He also held different management positions in simulation and customer requirements teams. He managed several teams dedicated to the most complex synthesis simulations of a car, as aerodynamics, thermal, crash, durability, and vehicle dynamics simulations. He was involved in many research projects as contributor or project manager, including projects funded by EU from H2020 program. Now he is project manager for internal projects of the company and for research projects in partnership on new energy sources and on improving the environment of passenger compartment.

Invited lecture on: “Evolutions of European passenger cars following new regulations regarding vehicle emissions and decarbonization

Ph.D. Răzvan Mahu
TENSOR, Channel Partner for ANSYS in Romania, ROMANIA

Răzvan Mahu is the Technical Manager of TENSOR, Channel Partner for ANSYS in Romania. He holds a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering and a BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering. He is a highly experienced engineer with 18-year experience in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and 9-year experience with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Multiphysics applications. He was involved in numerous engineering projects from various fields – Power Generation, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Oil & Gas, Environmental, and Materials Processing Industries; additionally, he has been engaged in several academic research projects, with notable results. Thus, he has acquired solid expertise in the innovative and efficient use of advanced CFD & FEA computational techniques for extremely complex engineering tasks.

Invited lecture on: Computational Fluid Dynamics methods for Aeroacoustics. HVAC case study

Ph.D. Arch. Sergiu C. PETREA

Tecto Arhitectura, ROMANIA

Sergiu Cătălin Petrea is Managing Partner and Founder of the TECTO Arhitectura office, which was established in 2004.

He is also Member in the Managing Board of Romanian Association for Sustainable Local Development [ARDLD] and had academic activity in several universities from Romania.

He has attended Advanced Design Methods Master Program in 2005 and has a PHD Degree in architecture on Emergency Architecture in 2011.

He currently explores the perspectives of sustainable architectural design and energy efficient planning, being also concerned about themes related to poverty, experiment and urban regeneration strategies. His architectural practice includes buildings from all the fields of expertise and architectural contests. He constantly participates in international congresses and conferences, and it is also involved in research projects. Many of his architectural research themes are reflected in scientific papers and various thematic studies published in specialized media.

Invited lecture on: “From Energy to Sustainability and back

Eng. Claudiu Velisar, Romstal, ROMANIA

Claudiu Velisar is head of the”New Technology ” department in Romstal. He has 7 years experience in  energy efficient solutions for households and commercial buildings and is specialised in photovoltaic systems, B.M.S and heat pumps. Has a very practical knowledge, with more than 100 finished projects and with real time feedback from the clients in matters such as energy efficiency and consumption.  He competed as a part of a team of volunteers against 19 countries in  designing and building an energy efficient house  in a  project called  Solar Decathlon which dealt with themes such as energy efficiency and sustainability in household construction.

Invited lecture on: “Energy efficient solutions for buildings