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Dear Madam, dear Sir
We warmly invite you to the 2018 EENVIRO Conference on ,,Sustainale Solutions for Energy and Environment,, and which is dedicated to addressing the challenges in the field of Energy and Environment. 

EENVIRO covers a wide spectrum of research subjects, including methodologies and architectures for energy efficiency, mathematical modelling, simulations, smart systems control, indoor environmental quality, and other relevant topics for the Energy and Environment fields.

This meeting offers a platform for the exchange of technical and scientific knowledge, technical solutions and experience among scientists,  engineers, architects, academia and industry,  facility managers, building owners and policy-makers in a wide range of topics related to the Energy and Environment. 

On behalf of the organizing Committee, I warmly invite you to join us in Cluj Napoca, for the EENVIRO 2018.

On behalf of the organising committee

Mihnea SANDU
President of the organizing comitee


Dean of the Building Services Engineering Faculty,

Prof. dr.ing. Sorin BURCHIU

In the field of Building Services, within the fundamental field of civil engineering, the Faculty of Building Services provides two accredited specializations, namely Building Services for Civil Engineering (since 1949) and Installations and Equipment for Atmosphere Protection (since 1990). Since 1994, the specialization of Building Services for Civil Engineering has also provided full-time instruction in French, by co-operating with the Department of Civil Engineering in Foreign Languages and Communication from T.U.C.E.B.


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